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Luffa Gourd Seeds

Luffa Gourd Seeds

Luffa gourds are organically grown on our farm in NH.   Luffa sponges are a great way to be more sustainable by replacing plastics with naturally grown items, that are biodegradable.  Luffa sponges can be used for dishwashing, light house cleaning, body exfoliating, and dry brushing.  


Our luffa seeds are directly from the luffa gourds harvested.  Each package includes 20 seeds. 


Seeds should always be stored in a cool, dark location. 


150-200 days to maturity.  



-Seed start indoors at least 5 weeks before last frost.  Heat lamps and mats work very well. 

-Clip the flat end of the seed slightly and soak in a damp paper towel for a few days in the fridge to initiate sprouting.


-Once transplanted, provide a durable trellis for when the vines start to develop.


-Harvest when gourd is fully brown for sponges.  Peel skin layer and rinse under warm water several times and let air dry.  

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