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Saffron Corm: Pre-Order

Saffron Corm: Pre-Order

This is for pre-order and delivery will take place in AUGUST 2023. 

Pre-order available until May 1, 2023. 


12 corms, $20


Are you interested in adding saffron to your home garden or including saffron in your fall landscape? We have a limited amount of saffron corms (corcus sativus) available.  


Each order will come with a pamphlet on how to plant, harvest, and maintain your saffron.  Saffron will produce in the first year and double each year thereafter to provide long-lasting blooms year after year. 


Saffron is planted in late August/early September.  Be prepared to plant corms as soon as they arrive.  Harvest season takes place in October and November. 


Corms will be delivered in LATE AUGUST.  An e-mail with tracking information will be provided once shipped.  Please note that corms will not be shipped prior to AUGUST.  


A flat shipping rate of $10 is applied per order, not per quantity purchased. 

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