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Saffron Tincture

Saffron Tincture

Although saffron is most famously known as a culinary spice, it has also been valued medicinally by eastern cultures. Tinctures are easily assimilated by the body, covenient to use, and more potent than the dried spice.


In Ayurvedic medicine, saffron is known as the sunshine spice. Not only for its golden color but also for its mood-boosting qualities.


Saffron's main components (crocin, crocetin, carotene, safranal) are potent antioxidants. Saffron holds a wide list of health benefits: reduces inflammation, improves sleep quality, helps combat ADHD symptoms, enhances skin, reduces depression and anxiety, and relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


Our saffron tinctures are made at the therapeutic level and provide 30mg per 1ml (20 drops). Studies have shown that 30mg of saffron daily can help improve depression and anxiety in similar fashion to their respective pharmaceutical counterparts.


Directions: Take 20 drops (1ml) daily on tounge. Tinctures can be added to water and tea as a drink or taken directly by mouth.


Shelf stable for several years when stored in a cool, dark space.


Ingredients: NH grown saffron, alcohol, distilled water





These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always consult with your doctor or physician based on your bioindividual needs prior to use.

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